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Risk and Vulnerability Assessments

Sea Level Rise Adaptation Strategy for San Diego Bay: Existing Conditions Report
CAWest CoastAdaptation/Action PlanRisk/Vulnerability AssessmentEconomy, Ecosystem/Natural Resources, Infrastructure, Society, Water ResourcesFlooding, Sea Level2/17/2012
Digital Coast in Action – Building Coastal Resilience in Long Island, New York
NYCase Study/StrategyRisk/Vulnerability AssessmentEcosystem/Natural ResourcesFlooding, Sea Level, Storms (non-tropical), Tropical Storms/Hurricanes5/12/2010
Climate Change and the Delaware Estuary
DECase Study/StrategyRisk/Vulnerability AssessmentEcosystem/Natural Resources, Water ResourcesAir Temperature, Precipitation, Sea Level, Storms (non-tropical)1/10/2011
Climate Change Vulnerability Assessments: Four Case Studies of Water Utility Practices
Northeast, Southeast, West CoastCase Study/StrategyRisk/Vulnerability AssessmentWater Resources12/1/2011
From Impacts to Adaptation: Canada in a Changing Climate 2007
InternationalClimate Change Science/ImpactRisk/Vulnerability AssessmentInfrastructure, SocietyAir Temperature, Erosion, Flooding, Ice Melt, Lake Level, Sea Level4/13/2010
Municipal Adaptation to Climate Change: City of Satellite Beach, Florida
FLClimate Change Science/ImpactRisk/Vulnerability AssessmentSea Level, Storms (non-tropical), Tropical Storms/Hurricanes1/10/2011
Agriculture Working Group Wisconsin Initiative on Climate Change Impacts
WIClimate Change Science/ImpactRisk/Vulnerability AssessmentSocietyAir Temperature, Drought, Precipitation2/11/2011
Plants and Natural Communities Working Group First Adaptive Assessment Report
WIClimate Change Science/ImpactRisk/Vulnerability AssessmentAir Temperature, Drought, Flooding, Precipitation, Storms (non-tropical)2/11/2011
Mapping and Visualizing Sea Level Rise and Coastal Flooding Impacts
Climate Change Science/ImpactRisk/Vulnerability AssessmentEcosystem/Natural Resources, InfrastructureFlooding, Sea Level5/3/2012
Adapting to Coastal Climate Change: A Guidebook for Development Planners
Not Region SpecificGuidance/GuidebookRisk/Vulnerability AssessmentEcosystem/Natural Resources, Infrastructure, Society5/7/2010
How Resilient is Your Coastal Community? A Guide for Evaluating Coastal Community Resilience to Tsunamis and Other Hazards
Not Region SpecificGuidance/GuidebookRisk/Vulnerability AssessmentEconomy, Ecosystem/Natural Resources, Society5/17/2010
Climate Resilient Cities 2008 Primer: Reducing Vulnerabilities to Climate Change Impacts and Strengthening Disaster Risk Management in East Asian Cities
InternationalGuidance/GuidebookRisk/Vulnerability AssessmentAir Temperature, Precipitation, Sea Level, Storms (non-tropical)6/24/2010
Climate Change and Interacting Stressors: Implications for Coral Reef Management in American Samoa
ASGuidance/GuidebookRisk/Vulnerability AssessmentSocietyOcean Acidification, Precipitation, Water Temperature6/25/2010
Climate Adaptation: Risk, Uncertainty and Decision-Making
InternationalGuidance/GuidebookRisk/Vulnerability Assessment2/8/2011
Risk Framework - UK Climate Impacts Programme (UKCIP)
InternationalRisk/Vulnerability Assessment6/26/2010
NatureServe Climate Change Vulnerability Index
Not Region SpecificRisk/Vulnerability AssessmentEcosystem/Natural Resources6/29/2010
Coastal Vulnerability Assessment of the Northern Gulf of Mexico to Sea Level Rise and Coastal Change
Gulf of MexicoRisk/Vulnerability AssessmentSea Level7/20/2010
Scanning the Conservation Horizon: A Guide to Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment
Not Region SpecificRisk/Vulnerability Assessment8/25/2010
NatureServe Climate Change Vulnerability Index
Not Region SpecificRisk/Vulnerability AssessmentEcosystem/Natural ResourcesAir Temperature, Precipitation12/30/2010
Vulnerability of Shallow Tidal Water Habitats in Virginia to Climate Change
VARisk/Vulnerability AssessmentSea Level, Water Temperature4/6/2011
Managing the Risks of Extreme Events and Disasters to Advance Climate Change Adaptation (Summary for Policymakers)
InternationalRisk/Vulnerability AssessmentInfrastructure, SocietyFlooding, Storms (non-tropical), Tropical Storms/Hurricanes11/28/2011
A Screening Assessment of the Potential Impacts of Climate Change on Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Mitigation in the Great Lakes and New England Regions
Northeast, Great LakesRisk/Vulnerability AssessmentInfrastructureFlooding12/1/2011
Aquatic Ecosystems, Water Quality, and Global Change: Challenges of Conducting Multi-stressor Global Change Vulnerability Assessments
Not Region SpecificRisk/Vulnerability AssessmentEcosystem/Natural Resources12/1/2011
Preparing for Tomorrow’s High Tide: Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Assessment for the State of Delaware
DERisk/Vulnerability AssessmentSea Level10/5/2012
Vulnerability and Risk Assessment Report
CARisk/Vulnerability Assessment10/5/2012
Climate Change and the Great Barrier Reef: A Vulnerability Assessment
InternationalRisk/Vulnerability AssessmentAdaptation/Action PlanEcosystem/Natural ResourcesAir Temperature, Water Temperature4/13/2010
North Carolina's Coasts in Crisis: A Vision for the Future
NCRisk/Vulnerability AssessmentAdaptation/Action PlanInfrastructureErosion, Tropical Storms/Hurricanes5/4/2010
Economic Vulnerability and Adaptation to Climate Hazards and Climate Change: Building Resilience in the Barnegat Bay Region
NJRisk/Vulnerability AssessmentAdaptation/Action PlanEconomy, Ecosystem/Natural Resources, Infrastructure, SocietyAir Temperature, Precipitation, Sea Level, Storms (non-tropical)4/29/2013
Handbook on Methods for Climate Change Impact Assessment and Adaptation Strategies
Not Region SpecificRisk/Vulnerability AssessmentCase Study/Strategy3/22/2010
Vulnerability of Major Wastewater Facilities to Flooding from Sea-Level Rise
WARisk/Vulnerability AssessmentCase Study/StrategyInfrastructureFlooding, Sea Level5/4/2010
Climate Change and Conservation: A Primer for Assessing Impacts and Advancing Ecosystem-based Adaptation in the Nature Conservancy
Not Region SpecificRisk/Vulnerability AssessmentCase Study/StrategyEcosystem/Natural Resources5/17/2010
Climate Change Impacts & Risk Management: A Guide for Business and Government
InternationalRisk/Vulnerability AssessmentCase Study/StrategyEconomy6/24/2010
Forestry Working Group Vulnerability Assessment Wisconsin Initiative on Climate Change Impacts
WIRisk/Vulnerability AssessmentCase Study/StrategyEcosystem/Natural ResourcesAir Temperature, Precipitation2/11/2011
North Carolina Sea-Level Rise Assessment Report
NCRisk/Vulnerability AssessmentClimate Change Science/ImpactSea Level3/30/2010
Future Sea Level Rise and the New Jersey Coast: Assessing Potential Impacts and Opportunities
NJRisk/Vulnerability AssessmentClimate Change Science/Impact3/31/2010
Climate Change and its Effects on Puget Sound
WARisk/Vulnerability AssessmentClimate Change Science/ImpactEcosystem/Natural ResourcesFlooding, Ice Melt, Sea Level, Water Temperature5/4/2010
Pay Now, Pay Later: A State by State Assessment of the Costs of Climate Change
Alaska, Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, Gulf of Mexico, West Coast, Great Lakes, Pacific IslandsRisk/Vulnerability AssessmentClimate Change Science/ImpactEconomy4/21/2011
Hazard Awareness and Risk Mitigation in Integrated Coastal Area Management
Not Region SpecificRisk/Vulnerability AssessmentGuidance/GuidebookInfrastructure, SocietyErosion, Sea Level, Storms (non-tropical), Tropical Storms/Hurricanes5/3/2010
Local Climate Impacts Profile (LCLIP) Process
Not Region SpecificRisk/Vulnerability AssessmentGuidance/Guidebook5/17/2010
Ranking Port Cities with High Exposure and Vulnerability to Climate Extremes
InternationalRisk/Vulnerability AssessmentGuidance/GuidebookInfrastructure, SocietySea Level, Storms (non-tropical)6/21/2010
Our Changing Climate 2012 Vulnerability & Adaptation to the Increasing Risks from Climate Change in California
CARisk/Vulnerability AssessmentGuidance/GuidebookEcosystem/Natural Resources, Human Health, Infrastructure, Society, Water ResourcesErosion, Flooding, Sea Level, Storms (non-tropical)8/1/2012
Getting to Resilience: A Coastal Community Resilience Evaluation Tool
Not Region SpecificRisk/Vulnerability AssessmentGuidance/GuidebookInfrastructureStorms (non-tropical)4/29/2013
Sea Level Rise Visualization for Alabama and Mississippi
Gulf of MexicoRisk/Vulnerability Assessmentn/aFlooding, Sea Level5/4/2010
Mapping Climate Change Vulnerability in the Sydney Coastal Councils Region
InternationalRisk/Vulnerability Assessmentn/aEconomy, SocietyAir Temperature5/4/2010
Exposed: Social Vulnerability and Climate Change in the U.S. Southeast
SoutheastRisk/Vulnerability Assessmentn/aSociety, Water ResourcesDrought, Flooding, Sea Level, Tropical Storms/Hurricanes5/4/2010
Charlotte Harbor Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment
FLRisk/Vulnerability Assessmentn/aEconomy, Ecosystem/Natural Resources, Human Health, Infrastructure, Society, Water Resources5/12/2010
Hazard Assessment Tool - NOAA Coastal Services Center
Not Region SpecificRisk/Vulnerability Assessmentn/a5/17/2010
Community Risk Assessment Methodologies and Case Studies
Not Region SpecificRisk/Vulnerability Assessmentn/a5/17/2010
Current & Future Vulnerability of Sarasota County, FL, to Hurricane Storm Surge & Sea Level Rise
FLRisk/Vulnerability AssessmentOutreach MaterialSea Level, Tropical Storms/Hurricanes5/4/2010
County Snapshot – Demographics, Infrastructure, and Environmental Data by County
Alaska, Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, Gulf of Mexico, West Coast, Great Lakes, Pacific IslandsRisk/Vulnerability AssessmentOutreach MaterialEcosystem/Natural Resources, Infrastructure, SocietyFlooding5/4/2010
Vulnerability of New Jersey’s Coastal Habitats to Sea Level Rise
NJRisk/Vulnerability AssessmentTraining/Workshop MaterialEcosystem/Natural Resources, InfrastructureErosion, Sea Level5/19/2010